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I'm DocGotGame!

Welcome to my show where I suck at everything I do, BUT – You will be laughing as I do it! I consider myself an authority on the MMORPG genre having played most of them myself, as such my channels focus is on MMO’s and the pvp that is included in them!

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Mid Month Sentinels Brief!

Good Monday morning Sentinels of the Unbound community, and welcome to your mid-month Briefing! Please allow me to start off by saying thank you so

New Emotes

Good morning @everyone ! I went and submitted the 3 emote ideas we all came up with in the stream to my emote artist. “So

PSA About Moderators

Good morning @everyone – This is just a friendly PSA regarding my Moderators: My mods are the face of the stream and as such are

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