Mid Month Sentinels Brief!

Good Monday morning Sentinels of the Unbound community, and welcome to your mid-month Briefing! Please allow me to start off by saying thank you so much for your support thus far this month, without it I would be nothing!

We are what, 1 week away from WOW Shadowlands? and I have to admit I am getting a bit excited for it. I feel much more comfortable with this incoming expansion and I have you guys and gals to thank for helping and watching me prep for it! This next week will feature more Wow as well as some variety thrown in to mix things up a bit here and there before the expansion.

For Example – This Saturday is Subscriber Saturday where I play games with you and hang out on Discord! Be sure to link your twitch/discord so you can join us in the Sentinels Mess. The Game lineup is as follows: SMITE, Overwatch, Rocket League and Phasmophobia!

Some other events to look forward to, next week Monday will be Mod Monday where I split all tips with your AMAZING mod team and Saturday the 28th will be our monthly Sub-A-Thon! I thank you in advance for your support to these 2 critical events to the channel.

In closing folks, I just want to say once again thank you for being a Subscriber to my channel as well as rolling with the punches of the stream so to speak. I know it can be difficult at times keeping up with things but know that I am doing my best to offer you the greatest time possible whether you visit the stream for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

I wish you all a wonderful week and I will see you in stream!

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