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The Unbound Perk Package

Greetings Sentinel, and welcome to the Unbound! As a Sentinel, you are expected to uphold The Unbound standards, spam emotes, and enjoy that shiny sentinel badge by your name. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Addressed as “Sentinel” in the channel by Doc (when he remembers to do it!)
  • 32 badass emotes to use across twitch!
  • 5 Bonus medals every hour while in the channel (both online and off!).
  • Priority to play with Doc live on stream during segments where this is possible
  • (Guild join priority when limited roster slots limit placement options)
  • Ability to vote on (and play where applicable) what is played during Subscriber Sundays!
  • (Interact with doc live on stream during Subscriber Sundays via discord)
  • VIP perks on all the Unbound community game servers!
  • Weekly updates via discord/twitch sub messaging on upcoming events/news (Tuesdays).
  • Access to the Sentinel’s Mess on discord where you can chat with fellow subs and Doc.
  • 10% discount on future docgotgame merchandise shop purchases
  • Exclusive sub only giveaways during the monthly “Sub-A-Thon” event! (typically 2nd Saturday of the month)
  • Ad-free experience on Twitch while in the channel!

The Unbound Emotes

The Unbound Badges